Statement of the HKJA on the sudden termination of employment contract of Ms Li Wei-ling by the CRHK

The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) expresses great concern over the sudden move by Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited (CRHK) to terminate the employment contract with its talk-show host, Ms Li Wei-ling today.

HKJA notes that CRHK has not explained its decision on the ground that “when gentlemen part, they do not speak ill of each other”. However, HKJA demands that CRHK as a licensed sound broadcasting services operator, has the responsibility to give the general public an account on its decision.
At the end of last year, Ms Li was moved from a morning show to another programme, causing public concern and doubt over the vital issue of freedom of speech.  CRHK had decribed such as a “normal programme scheduling”. Now, just a few months later, Ms Li has been dismissed  after that alleged programme scheduling. This only deepens public doubt over its moves.
Hong Kong Journalists Association
12th February 2014
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