The government met with news unions to discuss the reporting situation

The government invited the Hong Kong Journalists Association, Hong Kong News Executives’ Association and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association to meet to discuss the reporting situation of the current incident this afternoon (November 12).


The representatives of those associations reported to the government about the problems encountered in the conflict, including high-intensity lights, pepper-sprayed, and forcibly removing gas masks. The government representatives also reflected their challenges. The purpose of this meeting is to repair the relationship between media and police, and listen to both sides.


At the meeting, Hong Kong Journalists Association and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association demanded that the police immediately stop violence against journalists, and urged the government to pay attention to the impact on journalists after the implementation of the “Prohibition on Face Covering Regulations”, and the different interpretations between frontline police officers and the government.

In the next two weeks, the police force will replace the existing white tags with new blue operational call signs (blue tags). Each blue tag has an independent code, including the unit and location of the police officer, and can identify different police officers independently. In the past, the number was limited to the rank of the police officer to sergeant, and the blue tags will cover the rank of trainee inspector to chief superintendent.


Government representatives at the meeting confirmed that the duty and power of reporters should be affirmed; they should not be treated inappropriately by any force.
In the future, the same type of meetings will be held. Members who are interested in attending are welcome.


Hong Kong Journalists Association
Hong Kong Press Photographers Association


12 November 2019

Joint Statement by Hong Kong Journalists Association and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association: Condemn the behavior of asking cameraman to hand over memory cards
Hong Kong Journalists Association hope that the Chief Executive could speak and act in unison, and instruct the police to stop all obstruction of reporting immediately