HKJA strongly condemns Police violence and detention of news media staff and obstruction of treatment

A Now News driver had been hit by a beanbag round on his head near the Mong Kok police station after midnight today (Oct. 14). He fell onto the ground, had his hands tied behind his back before being taken inside the police station. The driver said he had repeatedly identified himself but was only released for hospital treatment after two hours of detention. He said he was beaten by police with batons on his head, arms, legs and had his face being pressed onto the wall. Hong Kong Journalists Association strongly condemns the Police for the unreasonable detention and alleged violent assault of news media staff. The Association demands a thorough investigation and full account of the incident by the Police. The Police must offer an apology to the injured and make sure the attacker/s be held responsible for criminal offences if they are found to have breached rules and made mistakes.


According to Now News report, they have parked their vehicle outside the police station, near the place where the driver was shot. The driver has injuries on his forehead and nine other injuries on his arms, legs, hands and a fractured jaw. He was admitted to the hospital for surgery. He said some injuries were incurred during his detention in the police station.


Now News has issued a statement, expressing deep regret that their driver was still being tied and taken to the station after having identified himself. The news outlet also strongly condemned Police for their abuse of force and violent treatment of the already-injured driver during detention. They urged the Police to exercise restraint in law enforcement and to conduct a thorough probe. HKJA is deeply concerned cases of journalists and staff of news organisations being injured during reporting, in particular those which were highly likely to be caused by bullets fired by police officers. It will also be totally unacceptable if police officers are found to have taken the law into their hands.

14 October 2019

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