HKJA concerns ‘white terror’ on press industry

‘852 Post’ announced today that videos published previously are all off the internet following security concerns; ‘Winandmac Media’ also retreated from Hong Kong and cancelling business registration of Hong Kong. HKJA is extremely concerned about deleting reports and commentaries, or even leaving Hong Kong altogether, out of safety reasons, as

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HKJA response to ‘Stand News’ Public Announcement

HKJA takes note that ‘Stand News’ has made arrangements on protecting labor rights. If HKJA members or staff of the relevant organizations need assistance or have any doubts, you are welcome to contact HKJA. Under the National Security Law, another measure tightening press operations show the ever-growing predicament of local

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HKJA response of Apple Daily closure

This afternoon, Apple Daily announced their closure following the last publication on 24th June (tomorrow). HKJA is extremely saddened by the event, and would like to salute fellow colleagues for their perseverance. Apple Daily and Next Digital had been ever-present on not only local news, but also topics concerning lifestyles

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