Chairperson Report, September 2005

In September, the Press Freedom subcommittee and China Concern subcommittee have been particularly busy. They have sent petition letters to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR and requested them to cancel the media black list and the seven points to note for Hong Kong and Macao journalists who wish to cover news in mainland China. During the stay of Vice-President Zeng Qinghong, we sent petition letter concerning Ching Cheong case. Meanwhile, different Mainland journalists were arrested and jailed because of “leaking state secret”, including New York Times researcher Zhao Yan; Liaoning cyber dissident Zheng Yi Chun; and Contemporary Business News Shi Tao. In the Shi Tao’s verdict, it stated that the Yahoo! Hong Kong has provided Shi Tao’s email information to Chinese authority. This was condemned by global journalists associations, this violate the UN Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with regard to Human Rights. We sent letter to Yahoo! Hong Kong to ask for explanation and promise to respect Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression. Meanwhile the HKJA is studying the others free email service providers whether they can disclose their clients information without their clients’ consensus. This alarms the public and journalists about the protection of privacy and information sources, we will consider further actions after finished the study.

About the Ching Cheong case, we have not slackened, our stand remains to be asking Chinese authority to deal with the case in an open and fair manner which is consistent with the rule of law, and ensure Mr. Ching’s civil rights are upheld and allow him to meet with his family, lawyers and Hong Kong government representatives

The International Subcommittee has asked the Pakistan Government to protect journalists’ personal safety by sending a petition letter to Consulate General of Pakistan.

In September, famous Chinese photographic reporter Mr. He Yan Guang share his news photos with our members, some of the works have not being published before. Mr. He and our members have a deep exchange of experiences.

The Macau Legislative Assembly Election Study tour has been held successfully. 17 of our members joined and visited different candidates and government departments. It is the JA tradition to help our colleagues preparing important electoral events by organizing study tour.

The 21st JA Football Cup has started and the JA Oxfam Trailwalker Team has been preparing. There will be a three day Taiwan tour for visiting media and government officials later, details will be published as soon as it is ready. If you have any suggestions to JA’s organized events, please let us know by call 2591-0692 or email [email protected] .

Two years ago, the HKJA has collected our colleagues’ experience in reporting SARS and published a book of collected articles. There are now a small amount of stocks left to our members for free. Recently the JA office has sent by mail a Chinese version of the book published by the IFJ “Live News – A Survival Guide For Journalists”. It helps our colleagues to prepare better in different live news situations. The English version can download at IFJ website for free ( ).

Journalist Mr. Tang Siu Kei was found dead after he was washed away by a wave at Ham Tin Wan in September. The HKJA has received five donations in cheque for Mr. Tang’s relatives and have handed to them in Mr. Tang’s funeral. We sincerely express our condolence to Mr. Tang’s tragedy.

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