Joint Statement: The Hong Kong Journalists Association and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association strongly condemns the Police for intentionally obstructing reporting and attacking journalists

When a journalist from Commercial Radio Hong Kong was covering the conflict between police and civilians on Sunday evening, the journalist was sprayed in the face with pepper spray by the police, even though he was wearing a reflective vest and a helmet with the word ‘PRESS’ in bold letters. The journalist continued to stay at the scene to gather news. Although he had declared his press identity, he was still blocked, pushed and driven away with shields by the police. After the journalist stopped filming, he was insulted by the police and restrained from re-entering Shatin for news reporting. He was also warned by the police that he might be taken away. Other journalists at the scene were not affected by the above restriction.

The Hong Kong Journalists Association strongly condemns the police for such intentional and hostile obstruction. This hindered journalists’ rights to gather news and the public’s right to know. The continuous obstruction and attacks on the media will not help improve relations between the police and civilians.


Hong Kong Journalists Association

17 July 2019


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